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White Brick House

Get your home ready to be cozy and safe this fall with a thorough inspection by one of our highly trained professionals!

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As a certified Home Inspection Service, we've developed a range of services to make the buying, selling, and renting process as straightforward as possible. We are not just a professional Home Inspection Service, we are an advocate for you. Reports from your inspection will be returned on the same day as the inspection and will include a detailed report on all findings. Photos will be provided along with clearly marked issues with recommendations! See my services below.

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Weather-beaten Roof


We take a detailed look into your foundation, floors, walls, columns, ceilings, and roof. We have drone capabilities for roof or inaccessible components.

Pipe handle


It's important to check the plumbing of your home. We inspect your interior water supply and distribution including all drains and venting systems. In addition, we will do a thorough inspection of all sump pumps and heating systems.



Includes inspection on Service Conductor, main panel, voltage rating, fans, lighting fixtures, receptacles, GFIC, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Fixing an Air Conditioner


Includes inspection on all permanently installed heating systems. We check for operation and output of systems under normal operating conditions.

Hand Opening Window


We check the operations of controls under normal conditions and the distribution system.

Country Style Living Room


A thorough inspection of all walls, ceilings, floors, and permanent fixtures such as cabinetry, doors, and windows

Rustic Interior Design


We check all framing, sheathing, insulation and ventilation.

Modern Villa


It's important to check these difficult spots! We offer crawl space inspection with four-wall guarantee. Inspector will touch all four walls of crawl space unless areas are unaccessible. If areas are deemed unaccessible, documentation will be provided.

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